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Some weeks after the awful news that the Spanish king was hunting elephants I thought that now he had got crazy: there were a lot of men on the tv screen. All were dressed like politicians usually do: with dark good clothes. Then, among them, I could not believe: King Juan Carlos seem to move among them in red. But not only that! He seem to be wearing shorts so you could see his legs! To add insult to injury he also was wearing of course red shoes. Strange as it may seem I was angry but as I knews he had gone to hunt elephants I was not very surprised. So, I said to myself: Enough is enough! We seem to have a crazy king that goes in casual red to meet important serious people who dress in a serious way. Then I tried to see who was the poor person dress in a correct way who had the disgrace to meet supposedly my king dress as a clown … and then. wow!!! MY SURPRISE WAS INCREDIBLE! The supposedly king Juan Carlos was meeting … was meeting … THE KING JUAN CARLOS DRESS IN A DECENT WAY!

So let me rewind!!!!! I made a mistake made of prejudice! As of late the king Juan Carlos has done awful things when I saw a kind of clown in red surrounded by serious people I though it was Juan Carlos that have gone nuts! But is was not King Juan Carlos the man in red! It was the president of Santander, Emilio Botín! Oh my God! If he was the president of a foreign bank I would think he would be offending Spain by meeting the king dressed in such a way. But because he is the president of a Spanish bank you cannot take that as an offense. I leave to you to think if it is right for Botin to dress in that way to meet a king that hunts elephants.

The only good thing about this is that the red of the casual dress was not Elephant blood but the same color that the Santander bank shows around the world. At least Botin chose the right color although I wonder if he chose the right time …

By the way, go to an office from Santander and try to open an account dressed in red casual dress like Botín and they will not even let you inside their bank. Thanks to God I have only been once inside a Santander office. As my dress did not look enough good for them they showed no interest at all in me opening an account and so I do not have an account in Santander. I think I did not miss much …


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