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I read news that some people are afraid to go to Greece on holidays. This is quite true fro people from Germany. As Greek people cannot show their anger to Angela Merkel (or anyone who asks them sacrifice in exchange of giving them the bailout) then it seems that some show their anger against German tourists.

I do not want this to happen in Spain! Ever! But be realistic. if Spain was intervened it is easy that what now happens in greece it could happen in Spain. So when Spain decides not to accept bailout it is also a way of not creating a bad situation.

Have you realised that Angela Merkel cannot travel to Athens? Is this fair? This should make us realise that we have made something wrong! It is not normal that Angela Merkel cannot go to Greece. Somebody should have told some Greek people that Europe cannot give money to Athens and not ask for austerity. If Greece does not want the bailout then leave the euro. In this sense the Irish seem to me much more mature.

But returning back to Spain we all know that tourism is very important for Spanish economy. So, which is the use of accepting a bailout that will make the Spanish population be slave from Brussels and then feel unhappy with other European people?

The problem is that we see Europe as a land divided in states. A German is in Germany or outside  Germany. I want a Europe where we all feel comfortable in any place of Europe. So we should be very careful about creating trouble between the different parts. In this sense I accept that conditions have to be put on the Greek but I think that we also should help Greece to be a part of a normalised Europe. How can we have a Europe where German torurists are afraid of going to Greece? This is unacceptable! This goes against the idea of a united Europe.

If we all in Europe saw that Brussels is ruling our lives but that there are no distictions then maybe the Greek won’t be furious.

I do not find fare that Germany imposes austerity but at the same time opposes eurobonds. IFIND UNACCEPTABLE  that Germany finds OK paying so low interests while Spain cannot  afford to pay. This is not normal! I even could agree that Gemrany pays less if people have more confidence in Germany but it is obvious that we should find something that reflects that we are on the same ship!

Each day that Germany pays so little while Spain pays so much can be good for Germany pockets but it is not good for Europe as it is unfair if we are partners! And it creates bad feeling!

I don’t wan’t German tourists not to be welcomed in Spain. But for that it is needed that Germany is fair with the rest of the eurozone.

If there is no an agreement between differnet countries we would go back to thoses times when people will be afraid of going abroad! This is crazy! IN EUROPE TO USE THE WORD ABROAD SHOULD MEAN ABROAD OF EUROPE! AT LEAST!

In Europe we should look at the details and put order. It is crazy that tourist from hundreds of states could go to Greece and torists from Germany may not go. This cannot be that way! WE ARE INSIDE A UNION!

If I was Greek I would be angry with the rich Greek that evade taxes and put their money outside Greece  the German tourist that goes to Greece because it adores that lovely land and leaves its money in Greece.


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