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Molière and Shakespeare remain quite silent about a possible intervention of La Mancha of Don Quixote and the rests of lands around La Mancha.

We read in the news that Japan finds that Spain has a fatal arrogance by not asking a bailout. We also read that there are romours that Germany is putting pressure in Spain to ask for a bailout.

But as far as I know FRANCE and the UNITED KINGDOM remain silent!

So, this is a bit sad because it is as if SPAIN was just having a private dance with GERMANY. And the rest of Europe were just simple expectators!

It says volumes about the strength of Germany that it can tell Spain what to do (secretly) and we may like that or not but we do not get crazy about that. It does not sound so strange that Germany says something.

But be aware that pressure from France or the United Kingdom will be nonsense. “Who are they to tell us what to do? would be the first thought in Spain. But with Germany is different.

So this is strange because these lasts months a relation of love/hate towards Germany has been created between some eurozone countries and Germany. It is as if we were very afraid of Germany ruling our lives and at the same time we would love help from Germany.

But as Spain is news around the world for a possible bailout to its banks I have not heard a voice from France or the United Kingdom.

It is as if France and the United Kingdom wanted to remain neutral.

In Portugal people are afraid that Spain may need a bailout because they fear this would bring more problems to Portugal that has already been bailout.

France is also silent but I am sure that a possible bailout of Spain cannot be welcomed in Paris. Spain and France share the wonderful Pyrenees and if Spain is intervened this means that France is closer to the problematic side of Europe.

The United Kingdom and Spain have a history of confrontation for the domain of the seas some centuries ago. But there is also some love. I WILL NEVER FORGET GEORGE ORWELL. HE CAME TO CATALONIA TO FIGHT FOR THE SPANISH REPUBLIC. And myself, I feel so much admiration for the British. I like England and Scotland very much.

I forgot to mention ITALY. I have the feeling we in Spain are now unhappy with Italy. Some months ago Italy seemed to be in a worse situation that Spain and now we see that Italy is not news and Spain is news everywhere. In any case it is the feeling that the Italians are like brothers that we may feel a little sad that we are the ones now in the bad position.  It is bad news that we are worse than Italy but it will be still worse than Italy and Spain were both bad news. So I wish the best to Italy. What a wonderful language and what nice people I know from Italy.

Some decades ago Spain was a dictatorship. Europe was one thing and Spain was another. SPAIN WAS DIFFERENT. Now, if Spain is intervened I am afraid we return back to the dark ages of Spain.

I would like that, as in a miracle, I could now meet all the people I have known from Europe. What would they tell me? France is now silent but I am sure that my French friends would tell me something. Now I almost want to cry as I remember the sweetest people I have known from France.

Sometimes I think that the problem we had in Spain is that the change from pesetas to euros was quite a change. What is was 1000 pesetas then it became 6 EUROS. So we had the feeling that everything was cheap.

All the world is currently looking at Spain and wondering what we are going to do next. Mariano rajoy, the president of Spain, must do something that people in Spain can understand. To resist is easy to understand.

Maybe people in the world begin to think that Spain is been crazy as it does not ask for a bailout. Today I read that Cyprus may ask for a bailout. So it seems as if the most normal thing to do is to ask a bailout when you need it.

But Spain cannot ask for a bailout. It is not because it is too proud to do that. it is because if Spain does not ask a bailout it can feel as a basic part of  Europe. And a basic part of Europe cannot ask for a bailout! A basic part of Europe must be a place where other countries can rely on.

Spain, in not asking a bailout, is not been a fatal proud country. It is showing to Portugal and France that we will do all we can so that they can have the good news of not having a neighbour that has a bailout. In the case of Portugal that is important because if your country is bailout and the country next door is also bailout then you seem like been far from the wealthy part of Europe. And for France it would always be better to have countries that are stable. It would be very bad for France to have in the north a neighbour that hates the euro, a neighbour in the east that just is the one to obbey and one in the south that cannot be of any help at all.

So, when Spain does not ask for a bailout it is paying a high price not just for Spain but for the image of Europe and for Portugal, France and even Italy.

If Spain asks for a bailout then the who says that the next is not Italy and then even France as the domino effect goes on and on?

Spain should set an example. No big country in Europe should in fact be allowed to ask for a bailout! If a country goes bankrupt then it should take responsability for that.

See what has happened in Greece. There is a bailout and are the Greek happy? Not at all! Money from Europe is going to Greece to pay the debts they have and Greek are not happy. In fact extreme parties have been born? This is what Europe needs in Spain?

The Greek experience tells us that a bailout can be bring chaos. So I think that the idea of Mariano Rajoy is not so bad! First, we have no demonstrations in the streets asking for a bailout! Resisting a bailout makes Spaniards feel stronger and better. That is what Europe needs!

Some decades ago the dictator of Spain close the border of Gibraltar. That was a very big mistake because it made the people of Gibraltar to be more closer than ever. So I think that with opposing th ebailout is the same! It is obvious that without a bailout Spain is in a very hard situation but this resistence creates the right atmosphere to fight all together for one cause! If we have this problem in Spain now is because until now we had been very individualistic!

This crisis has told me that even if one is individualistic by nature it is important to care a lot about the society and institutions that are related to you.

THE.CAT does not want to be a slave of EUROPE. So I do want a bailout …

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