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English: Logo of the Trademark Bankia Español:...

English: Logo of the Trademark Bankia Español: Logo de la marca Bankia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read that the eurozne is going to help Spain with Bankia. So thanks to Europe the bank will be saved.

So, when the bank in some years is healthy again it will be sold. But who should sell it? Spain?

I do not think so!

If Europe is going to save Bankia then this bank should change hands. It should not be anymore a Spanish bank. It should become the first eurozone bank to exist!

So when is sold, the money of the sell goes directly to the eurozone again!

I think that the idea of a union of the banking system in the eurozone can be very good as the eurozone will be able to have very strong banks.

And it will help people to move from one country to another in an easier way as you will have offices of your bank in all the eurozone!

If we had had ths kind of banks before all this problem now in Spain would be very different! Because then the banks in trouble would be the German banks! The Spanish banks gave a lot of loans to buy real estate because the German banks and other lend money to the Spanish banks! So it is now not strange that it is the eurozone that wants to save the Spanish banks! Thanks to the single currency the banks of the eurozone were already working together so what has happpened in Spanish banks cannot be understood without the German banks behind.

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