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The Prime Minister of the UK has clearly said that the UK won’t help Spain with underwriting Spanish bank deposits.

So, while France, Germany, Italy and the rest of eurozone will help Spain the UK won’t do.

Why I write about this?

Because I think it is very important to state clear how each state acts with respect to the other countries.

I think it is very important to know who helps you and who does not want to help you.

So,  imagine that in the future European countries have to vote which country should host some important technology equipment or whatever? If Spain has to vote, it is important to know the words of Cameron today. It is obvious that we should vote before for France, Italy or Germany than the UK.

Is this a way to say that we should be at odds with the British? Not necessarily!

I must accept that I understand the position of the UK. They are outside the eurozone.

But it is obvious that if the UK wants to take advantage of not being in the  eurozone  for not helping countries in need then it is obvious that Spain should always choose Germany and France as better option!

Should Spain buy, for example, a plane. There is a British plane and a French plane to choose. No doubt that Spain should choose France.

If the UK does not help Spain just because the UK is outside the eurozone then the eurozone countries should always choose eurozone countries as first choice to invest.

On the other hand I think that Spain should also review its use of the English language. Maybe it is time to choose American language. Unfortunately I am afraid I will continue using British English because not everything should be white or black … Some eccentric contradiction should be allowed …


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