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Today I feel good vibrations in local media in Catalonia. A solution has been found for Spain it seems. The solution is to adapt the bailout to Spain so that the Eurozone can sleep at night and so can Spaniards too!

As we know in Greece the bailout has been a disaster. Bad images from Greece and even German tourists avoiding going there.

So the solution seems to be to give Spain a soft bailout so that it seems that we are still under control. In brief, that the conditions for Spain won’t be so tough.

I find this solution quite satisfactory because it is good for Europe that the eurozone has one less problem and it is good for Spain because the current Mariano Rajoy can still remain as the captain of the ship. And it is not a question of being more proud or not! it is very good for Europe that Spain has its own captain! This helps that in Spain the frustration remains inside and that tourists from around Europe can come here and be welcome as always! If Spain had had a typical bailout then we would have the same that Greece: HOSTILITY AGAINST THE COUNTRY OF ANGELA. So, with a soft bailout, the UE main goal (brotherhood between the Europeans!) is preserved, the euro is strengthen and Spaniards may seem as a victory what in fact is a defeat!

So, in Europe sometimes the things are done in a right way. If a country needs help. Help is given. If this help must be given in a way that it does not cause bad feelings a remedy is found!

It is weird! Some hours ago I was very frustrated. I saw myself almost as outside Europe. Now it seems all the opposite. Thank You to Angela Merkel the future of Spain is again inside Europe. Germany has chosen Spain as its partner again.

For my part, THE.CAT wants to say tahnk you to the German chancellor. It is nice to know that you are not alone in the world. Germany has saved Spain. Tahnk You, Angela. Danke.

In any case, I hope Germany is wise enough to look very carefully that in Spain things are done in a right way.



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