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the logo of syriza

the logo of syriza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some days ago some people in Catalonia from some party supported SYRIZA. So, maybe in Greece there is the feeling that there is Europena support for Syriza. Well, in this post I want to show that I do not support Syriza because I WANT GREECE TO PAY ITS DEBTS! Syriza has said that if it wins then the deal that brought the bailout will be broken. This goes against a country seriosity! I am the first to acknowledge that Europe needs to help Greece much more than now. Europe must invest in Greece. People in Greece must have hope for a better future! But at the same time Greek needs to do something. I have the feeling that if Syriza wins then Greece will have to leave the euro. It is obvious that at first this is going to be traumatic fro Greece but in the long run it could be good. Greece does not pay its debts but it gets the drachma back. Prices become cheap and tourists love to go to a Greece that is cheap. But do the Greek have not enough proudness to want to be part of the wealthy Europe? If current Greece was not called Greece it is obvious that Greece won’t be inside the euro. The only reason why Greece is inside the euro is for politicla reasons:  it gives prestige to the eurozone to keep a country that has the same name that Classical Greece! But it is obvious that Europe will do all it can so that Greece remains inside the eurozone but it is also obvious that if Greek don’t accept conditions of bailout then Europe cannot accept Greece being a burden. I hope the Greek choose Europe and don’t go back to dark ages. To be outside euro, we all know what it means. Unfortunately. It is going to be very hard, but if Greek fight for it, I think that Greece can remain inside the eurozone. Now, any Greek can go around the world with euros. In any case, the traditional parties in Greece should ask themselves what have they done that people are now changing its vote to SYRIZA. Maybe they trust more the man in charge of SYRIZA. I see all this eurozone crisis as an opportunity to have better states. I think that Greece is now seing the last train of Europe passing through Greece. Grrek must decide if to run a lot and catch that train or relax and be outside that train. The price to catch the train is very expensive. You know that if you jump to the train, you are going to be in the worse wagon of the train for years. But you will be inside that train. If you do not catch that train you will be quite alone. Are you sure that Grrece is going to be better ruled if it is alone if when inside eurozone has been so badly ruled? Greece must chose between to be in the last wagon of a eurozone train driven by Germany of being just a wagon in a dead rail going nowhere. If Greece chooses to be in the eurozone train it will mean to work very hard and to earn very little. But Greek people will be able to  move through all the wagon to look for a better future and bring hope to the Greek wagon. If Greece decides not to be part of that train (not to accept bailout conditions) then Greece will be in a dead wagon. Nobody will ask any Greek to pay any money to Europe and nobody from Europe will ask for any cuts in Greece. The Greek will be free to do whatever they want. If being inside the eurozone they did what they already wanted (to cheat the accountability) I don’t see any reason why Greece will be much better without Europe. At least NOW EUROPE IS ASKING FOR ACCOUNTABILITY. I have the feeling that some rich people in Greece want Greece to be outside the euro in order to buy Greece for them! They have the money save outside Greece. So once the drachma returns to Greece they buy everything with the euros they kept outside. Greece entered the euro because the rest of Europe was happy to have inside a flavour of Classical Greece. Once it is obvious that the current Greece has nothing to do with the glorious classical Greece it obvious that Europe will still want to keep Greece but only if Greece behaves as a serious country. Now current Greece, not classical Greece, can show the world that they want Greece to be again an important part of Europe. And this means to remain inside the euro! If not, Greece will become just a place to see old rocks from old glorious ancient classical Greece. Whatever it happens in Greece I just wish the best for Greece. With euros or drachmas I will always love Greece. But I find a pity that Greece may become a pariah state inside Europe. Outside Europe is very cold. GREECE IS YET IN THE MAIN FLOOR OF EUROPE. Just in the worst room, but in the MAIN ROOM. If Greece chooses to leave the euro by not accepting the bailout then Greece will just be a peripheral part of Europe and nobody will talk and care about it! IT IS TRUE THAT THE GRREK ARE IN A VERY BAD SITUATION. But it is also true that all Europe knows that! Do we know what really happens in other countries of Europe without euros? Who cares! What I mean is that while Greece remains in the eurozone, even if in a terrible state, it is possible that the rest of the eurozne sooner or later will help Greece to improve. Or does anyone think that it is nice for the rest of the eurozone to have a part of the eurozone in such a situation? If Greece choses to remain in the euro I will continue asking a kind of Marshall plan for Greece. But if Greece chooses not to implement conditions of bailout then I just will wish the Greek good luck. While the Greek chose to remain in the same ship that I am (still too!) I will care that we all in the ship have some mininim well being. But if the Greek chose to  move to another ship, as they leave the euro ship without paying, I cannot obviously, do anything in favour of them! Just wishing them luck! It is up to them. In fact to be outside the euro should not be so bad in the long run. The UK and Switerzerland, for example, are outside the euro. But they are outiside the euro because they chose that! Greece would be outside the euro because it did not pay its debts! GREECE MUST CHOOSE BETWEEN BEING JUST A CHEAP TOURIST ATTRACTION RULED BY A FEW REACH GREEK PEOPLE OR BECOME A RESPECTED  AND MODERN COUNTRY OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

One thing is clear for me: if I am writing now about current Greece is because Greece is still part ot the euro. Once out, I could choose other countries to talk. A lot of things happen in the world. I am just talking and caring about Greece because I share currency with Greece.

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