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If you want the independence of Scotland and you read the title of this post you maybe happy because it seems that I am considering the possibility of supporting Scottish independence. On the other hand if you want Scotland to remain inside the UK you may also be happy because if I say that I may support Scottish independence then that should mean that this is not the case currently!

Well, in fact what fascinates me more about this possible independence is the fact that the Scottish will be able to choose what they want. In Catalonia that is not possible.

So, for me, currently, if the result of the referendum is an independent Scotland I would be very happy. But if the Scots choose to be part of the UK as now I would be happy too. I love England and I love Scotland. They are wonderful places to be! So, if two nice places stay together is good news. But it is also good news if they want to not remain together! Togehter or not, when I have been in Scotland I knew perfectly well I was in Scotland. And the same happens when I go to England.

I have a lot of respect for those who want the independent of Scotland and those who do not want it. I just do not feel any respect for those who support one thing or another by just despising the adversary.



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