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Aerial view of Stratford station

Aerial view of Stratford station (Photo credit: The Department for Culture, Media and Sport)

I am convinced, very convinced, that the British are one of the most prepared people to host the Olympic Games. You only have to go to the UK and see how organised is everything to acknowledge that we can be quite sure that that Olympic Games are in good hands.

You have to add to that that London will host the Olympic Games for its third time! No other city has had such privilege yet.

But there is one thing now that may bring the Olympic Games to a total disaster: A possible break down of the tube during the Olympic Games!

As you may know the tube in London is one of the more extensive networks of the world and for sure the oldest. This may be the cause why the tube may break down.

It is not the same to replace a few not very old system that a system that has a lot of miles and it is so old.

Yesterday there was a flood in Stratford and part of the Central line is closed. Stratford is not just a lost station somewhere in London. Stratford is the station next to the Olympic venues!  Overground, DLR, Jubilee line and Central line bring you to Stratford.

As the British are very organised there is even a webpage to prepare yourself for the Games in advance! It tells the possible disruption at the tube stations at different times. it tells you if a lot of people could be there at a time. What I mean is that if something goes wrong I won’t blame the British much for that because I have the feeling they are doing an incredible job to prevent any disruption!

Let’s hope that the tube works during the Olympics. If not then I hope that the oldest underground of the worlds heads to be also the most modern in the future.


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