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One of the good things to read news from abroad is that you read things that local newspapers do not mention. While media in Spain write about soft bailouts and do not cath the bull from the horns I have the feeling reading international media that Spain will need a total bailout.

I wonder how many people in Spain are aware that what today seemed bad tomorrow will seem good in comparison with what will happen next.

Some days ago no bailout was needed. Spanish politicians rejected it. Then, days later in some way the idea of a bailout was present everywhere. Then somewhere they began to use the word SOFT BAILOUT. So that instead of Spaniards being very angry we should be very happy because our bailout was going to be different from the bailout of other countries in the past. Our bailout would only be a bailout for our banks. This seemed quite good because that meant that Mariano Rajoy could continue in command.

But now I realise, with sadness, that the SOF BAILOUT is just a BIG LIE.

Spain will need a full intervention! Why?

Because the Spanish banks have bought a lot of Spanish bonds! So if Spain goes default then the banks go bust! So it has no sense that Europe does not want to have a say not only in Spanish banks but in the goverment of Spain!

I could write this post in Catalan too but I am afraid to express so bad news to the people who read in Catalan. In any case, it is just question of days they will know the true. It is horrible. My only hope is now that people around me show that we can work together to leave this dark tunnel as sson as possible.

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