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Spain is news in the international media. Even Barack Obama has just said urgency is needed to put order in helping the banks.

So now everybody is looking into one person: Mariano Rajoy.

So, with so many eyes looking at Spain I have the feeling that
the choice of Spain can only have one meaning: the best for the human race. It is as simple as that. Forget what is better for Spain. Forget what is better for the eurozone. Forget what is better for the European Union. Just think about all the people around the world!

When so many people around the world are looking at you, you must forget your nationality.

It is not if Mariano Rajoy feels more Spaniard or European. I think it is time he thinks about what to do just as a part of the human race.

It is not time to think for the short time or the short distance. it is time to look for the whole planet! If the euro falls Europe falls. This means that democracy will suffer too.

So, I do not know what Mariano Rajoy will do but if I had to decide what to do I would act just as a human being who wants the best for humanity.

Mariano, sacrifice yourself, sacrifice Spain if necessary but please do what is worst for the people of this planet.

The world cannot wait any longer. The world is waiting for us. The message must be clear: WE ARE JUST ONE PLANET.

So please ask for a bailout or not according to what it is better for the well being of the people in this planet.


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