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It seems that there is a lot of hurry that Spain asks for a bailout. The same hurry that people who want to sell you used to have: “please buy now, tomorrow we won’t have this offer and so on”.
Barack Obama is in a hurry. Newspapers are in a hurry.
Who is not in a hurry? Mariano Rajoy and Angela Merkel. And you know why they are not in a hurry? Because they know that the best is to do the things in the right way and that when you are in a hurry it is easy to make a mistake.

It is not a bad sign that Spain is waiting. It is a sign of doing the things in a proper way. In English one can say AS LONG AS IT TAKES. When somebody wants to show that something is well done and must continue it is said that of AS LONG AS IT TAKES.

The Spanish government nneds to know how much money is needed. It also needs to know well which are the conditions for the bailout.

Maybe the people in Europe ask for a merger of Spanish banks that in Spain would not be acceptable. For example, Caixabank, a major Catalan bank cannot in any way change its headquarters to Madrid. people in Catalonia would get crazy about that.

It is funny because international media talk of Spanish pride as a reason for not asking for the bailout. And I think the reason for not asking yet for a bailout is because Mariano Rajoy does not want to end like Greece: with elections soon and extreme right and extreme left parties winning power.

A lot of people in Spain have trust in Mariano Rajoy. A lot of people voted for him. A lot of people with accounts in Spanish banks trust Rajoy! So if he remains calm it is easier that the banks remain calm! What I mean is that it is essential that Spain can keep Mariano Rajoy as president. This helps Spain to live though the austerity. You have to remember that we are almost without the figure of the king as the elephant affair made him lose a lot of credibility

I think the world should learn from the relaxation that Rajoy is showing. It is time to return back to the times when we did the things in a slower way.

It is time that the markets and people on them relax.
All this crisis in the eurozone has waited tto long, it is true, but meanwhile changes are taking place. Angela Markel in this sense has made the same that Mariano Rajoy: to act in a relaxed way.

Spain is not the creator of the fast food. Here we love the Mediterranean diet.

So I hope Mariano Rajoy can resist being surrounded by a world that still has not learnt to relax.


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