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This Saturday the credibility of Reuters is at stake. According to Reuters, this SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the Spanish government will ask for a bailout for its banks. So what will happen?

It is awful that such an important news is given by Reuters and not Spain. But maybe it is what we have to get used from now on: the bailout means we have not a say. The ones who have a say are the ones in control of the bailout. It says volumes about the new situation of Spain that even before the bailout the people related to the future bailout have already told that to Reuters. If reuters is right. in some way the news from Reuters is like adding insult to injury.

So this Saturday Barack Obama will be waiting for Spain to ask for the bailout. Mariano Rajoy is having so much pressure. How can he sleep at night?

It must be quite hard for him all this situation. If he asks the bailout he will seem Don Quixote at the end of the second volume.

In any case, if a bailout is bad there is still something worse: the way the people react in the country with the bailout. I think about Ireland and I think about Greece and I realise that anyone can fall but that the important thing is to wake up again. Unfortunately some seem to prefer to remain fallen and just crying. Some others are more responsible. I hope Spain looks into Ireland.
In fact this fall I hope it is in the long run good for Spain. To learn that eagerness is not what makes a country wealthy but hard work.


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