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Once Spain receives its bailout, lite or not, sooner or later, the eyes of the world will look into Italy. With maybe a bit of Greek tragedy in the middle. If the Greek tragedy does not become real then I am afraid that the next piece to fall could be Italy. This may happen in one year, who knows. Once Italy falls, the next year it could be the time for France. So, once France has fallen, it is the time for Germany.

What I mean with all this is that it is time that Europe finds a DEFINITIVE solution.

I am afraid that once Europe defaults then the US will default too. And then China.

All this would not mean an immediate world war but with the world in hunger and poverty I am sure that no good news can come.

In 1936 Spain entered a very dark time. Three years later WWII was a reality.

So, it is time to think what we really want to do. I caanot believe that it is years we are with the eurozone crisis!


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