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This last months one of the words that is most in my mind is Europe. For good reasons or for bad reasons the word Europe is my thoughts quite oft.

This last months I remember quite oft my trips through Europe and I remember my friends from different parts of Europe. I think a lot about the people I know from Germany. When I see Angela Merkel I always realise that she has something in common with my German friends!: She likes to do the things in an orderly way! I also remember some French people I know. And friends from Italy.

While some British newspapers see the euro as a mistake I think that at least the euro has one good thing. At least one: it has made me think a lot about Europe. Thanks to the euro I have thought a lot about the German people. And I have thought also a lot about people in Catalonia. And in Greece. And in Ireland. In fact thanks to the euro I have read a lot of British newspapers and I even must admit that although I do not agree with their views sometimes I also have a lot of respect for their views. Europe is very privileged to have the British to give a critical view of what we are doing.

So in brief, thanks to the euro I have been thinking a lot about Europe. Angela Merkel is not a powerful woman from a distant powerful country. I am used to see her. I even like her as a person! I find she has something that makes her sweet. Maybe it is the fact that she reminds me a friend from Germany! David Cameron is also a lot of my mind. I remember when Sarkozy and him had almost a quarrel in a UE meeting. It almost seemed as if France and the UK were going back to invade each other! But for now it is only the rich French that are invading London to the delight of the UK and they bring euros with them!

The man behind the ECB, Mario Draggi is also quite on my mind. Each time he speaks in English I wonder how he would sound in the beautiful language of Dante. And Monti from Italy gives such a good image of Italy. Berlusconi was good for gossip magazines but Monti seems to me much better. He gives of Italy the image I always have wanted to have: of a country with serious people.

Thanks to the euro I know perfectly well how the Greek parliament looks like! I even have in mind some of the faces of Greek politicians! I think a lot about the Greek people. I cannot forget that Greece has a similar climate to the one in Catalonia with sunny beaches and pine forests.

It is true that other parts of the eurozone are still quite out of my mind but I imagine it maybe good news for these parts of Europe as it means that they are not in a bad situation as Greece.

Portugal is also on my mind. And Ireland too. I have the feeling that both countries are trying very hard to fight this hard times. I have no doubt that the Irish will not only leave all this hardship behind. I am sure that in the long term they will succeed. I am sure that they won’t allow to be England to be the one to have the last word (in any case I wish the best for both lands) The Portuguese seem to me acting in a serious way and I hope that in Spain we act in a similar way. I hope that the fact that Brazil is each day becoming more important it is also good for Portugal.

So thanks to the existence of the euro the world has become smaller. Brussels is no longer just the capital of Belgium far away. And the Finance minister of Germany is not just a title: it is the man with a name, Schauble or something similar. He is a quite man that when he speaks he seems to have a dream of Europe. He seems to have a dream of Europe. Then there is Junckel for the eurogroup. It is funny when he meets De Guindo, the Spanish Finance Minister. They seem two children.

All this is a bit new for me. To know all this about Europe. But future generations in Europe will only know this. And they will have been born with a single currency, the euro! Older people in euro we still can think about our old deutsche mark, frank,lira or pesseta. But for them it is only euros. So for this new generation the possibility to return back to deutsche marks, francs, liras or pessetas would be something that they would not even imagine!

What I mean is that now we see, thanks to the euro, that what our parents wished it has become a reality!!!!! Our parents wanted that our children did not play at war games as they had done. So, now thanks to the euro, we are just playing with the euro.  It is true that at the moment the game is not very funny but we are playing at the euro game instead of playing at killing each other.

And although the game now is quite complex while we play at the euro game we are in the same table playing. And while we are playing at the euro game we learn a lot. For example, we have learnt that the Greek players was cheating the rest! Now the Greek player is angry but he knows he can continue playing to the euro game if it abides to the rules. While we play to the eurogame we also have realised how each player plays. We see that the German player is currently being the winner of the game but we all know, and the German player knows too, that in order to win the game it is needed that the other play too! Nearby, but outside the table there is an old friend of the people on the eurogame. He is a very eccentric man. He does not want to join the game as he feels this is not a game to be in but he loves to say to the others how the game should be played. Some may see this player as a nuisance for the game but in fact this man outside the table it is very important for the game. Because although he is outside the game he helps to have a critical view of the game.  We, the people on the table are a bit fed up of this eccentric man outside the table that says he wants not to join at all our game but that he is always telling us how to play. This eccentric man is crrently called DAVID and it is very powerful because although he is outside the game a lot of the money used to play of the eurogame is handle by him in his CITY.

So, in brief, thanks to the euro, we are doing just what our parents wanted: that we did not play at war games. Even if the game is quite hard for some of the players there is a lot to learn for being all in one table. Here is what I think that different players may learn:

GERMAN PLAYER. The German player should be very happy because he is currently winning. But he must realise that he has risk to be left alone and that means the end of the game. If he want to continue playing and winning he must realise that it is very important that any other players can also win sometime.

GREEK PLAYER. As you cheated it is right that the other players have put you hard conditions to continue playing. As you cannot cheat anymore you may want to leave the game. It is your choice. I hope you realise that if you accept continuing in the game maybe in the future the rest of the players realise that it was also their fault that you they were been cheated so that they may be not so harsh with you.

BRITISH OUTSIDER. I write about you because although you are not in the game you love to criticise the game so it seems that the game matters to you. Please be aware that although the game is quite hard now and you may feel you were right not to join it it may happen that in the long run the people playing the game become more intimate friends and they even choose to go to have a drink and they don’t invite you. You have to be aware that although the game maybe not a right gam efor you it can be very good for them. Because they may be using the game to know each other better.



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