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It seems that the trip of the Spanish prime minister to watch a football match is been criticised as Spain is now the 4th European state to ask for a bailout.

In this post I want to point out why I think he is right to go to Poland for the match.

As you know the main character in Europe who wants austerity is Germany. So, if Rajoy does not go to Poland some may say that he is a kind of slave of Germany! How would Poland react to that?

If Mariano Rajoy was in in Poland it would be a kind of insult to the Polish people. Not going to Poland would be as just saying that Germany is the only country to please.

What I mean is that going to Poland is not having a fiesta but showing respect for a country called Poland!

In fact even for Germany is good that Mariano Rajoy goes to Poland. If he was not there the Polish people may get a bit angry with Germany as they may see the powerful Germany behind Rajoy not wanting to almost offend Germany.

All that said I just want to say that I find quite childish all this game in general. It is crazy that the euro is almost falling and so much importance is given to football.

But in any case, Poland deserves respect so if they are hosting the game it would be a lack of respect not to go.

I find much more offense the fact that Spain will pay more than 300000 euros to each player if they win. This is real offense for me!

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