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Today would be a great day to write to the BBC. As Spain is news they have their usual space that now it says “ARE YOU IN SPAIN?” You write there and then they phone you if the want ans ask you some questions about what is going on in Spain. So as I love the language of Shakespeare, I am interested in the euro, and I use to listen to the BBC I could happily write to the BBC with the hope that they call me back.



Well, the answer is very simple. Each time I speak with British media I have the feeling as if I was speaking with the enemy. I am 100% sure that they will ask me something in some way that it will go against the eurozone or Spain. And I am fed up of that. I am fed up that they take advantage that in Europe we  know English to put us to talk against our ourselves. That is not the reason why I learn English.

So, you see, THE.CAT prefers to write in his own blog that being misused from the BBC. I prefer to use my English to read Shakespeare …

Let me end however, by saying that in general I like the BBC. it is amazing! In fact it is the best I know! It has a lot of wonderful podcasts and the webpage is magnificent. I also must admit that I am exaggerating a bit what I say. The BBC is much better than other British media. Sometimes you can even see the European side of a controversy. So, in brief, I recommend very much the BBC but I would be careful to speak with them. Whatever you say it could go against hte interests of the eurozone.




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