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One of the most amazing buildings of the world, LA PEDRERA, could have a new future quite soon. Until some months ago this wonderful building of Antoni Gaudí was the building of a private savings bank. This building is till in the hands of CatalunyaCaixa but now CatalunyaCaixa is in the hands of the Spanish government.

But yesterday there has been a big change! Spain has asked a bailout for its banking system. Europe has accepted so that now it is Europe who will control the Spanish banks who need European money!

So, who knows, maybe the future of La Pedrera will be decided in Brussels!

The building of La Pedrera is priceless so maybe in Brussels they have a bit of common sense and they see that it is a littler weird that an intervened bank which needs money can have at the same time such an asset. So who knows, maybe Brussels sells La Pedrera and then La Pedrera becomes a luxurious hotel!

In any case I think that La Pedrera is a Unesco building.


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