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It is true that I do not agree with all the things that merkel says or hints. For example, I don’t agree that Berlin is in Russia and I believe that eurobonds would be a good thing but in any case, Angela Merkel can be sure he has an ally in THE.CAT. All the friends I have had from Germany had made me realise that it is good to have German friends.

So the eurocrisis it is not just germany alone surrounded by peripheral countries who are against Merkel. Not at all in my case! I think that the idea of a more united Europe is essential for our survival so that the next generations instead of having a decadent continent can be members of a superstate.

We are at a very difficult time and it seems as if the euro was going to collapse the day after tomorrow. But there is too at the same time the opportunity to improve the way Europe is run too. Never before I had felt the need to work together! It is not all bad news what it is happening in Europe. It is a time of a lot of trouble but it is too a time of meetings and of realising that Europe is now much more smaller than before! It is as if states were now almost villages. Very different villages and with different languages. But it is now Europe the common place to play!

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