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Tomorrow Angela Merkel is not going to invade Poland nor Japan is going to invade China. But if you forget those times then you may see that we are in a very critical situation.
The memories of the WWII are painful but helped Europe to try to create a more United Europe. Unfortunately now the same memories o WWII could make that we are not able to react on time.

As we do not see Germany invading any country and we do not see a war next corner then we may not see that the current situation could bring Europe to war again in ten’s year time!

Europe is close to the point of no return! Spain and Italy are paying today a lot for its bonds. Spain had never payed so much in euro-era in fact.
This Sunday the Greek elections take place.

It almost seems as if mainland Europe was going to dissappear from planet Earth forever!

Maybe it is just me but I do not remmeber to have felt that way never before. I feel as if I was outside Europe. How can this happen in Europe?
And if this happens now in Europe. What may happen in the US soon?

If the euro falls then the next big economy to fall it could be the US. the US has a lot of debt to pay. Money from China!

This is crazy! Because there is no blood in Europe now I have the feeling I am too much worried. But at the same time if chaos comes to Europe is obvious that in some years we could have war again!

As we all know great nations have disappeared in history. Europe could become a set of decadent states. This could be the end of Europe as we know.

Some decades ago we had the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now we could have the collapse not just of the eurozone but of the EU. So Putin could become more powerful.

I do not know but it is a pity that the Financial Times is attacking so much the euro. It is as if some people wanted the euro to collapse. Maybe the real fear is that the dollar collapses. So in no way the euro could be seen as a refuge currency. So the best for some is to destroy the euro first so that in this way the dollar will resist.

I do not know. This is crazy!


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