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The temple of Hephaistos, Athens, Greece. Fran...

The temple of Hephaistos, Athens, Greece. Français : Le temple d’Héphaïstos, à Athènes, en Grèce. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The whole world knows that during years Athens cheated Europe so that the debt was bigger than expected. So now it is time to pay back.

Some parties in Greece do not agree with the current bailout while some other support it. As I am not in Greece I do not know what can be best for Greece but I think that for the planet it is better a stronge Europe.

Look at Syria. Just an example of what being under Russia influence can mean. What I mean is that the European Union is not perfect but at least we are not ruled by Vladimir Putin.

I say all this because the survival of the euro is much more than the survival of a currency. As long as we have the euro this means that some countries will have to talk between them. And that is good bevause it makes us think.

Now the euro has made that each country plays not just in a football stadium but in a the European arena. With all this crisis it is very difficult that a person from the south has not asked himself or herself why the north of Europe is not in such a bad situation.

The Greek, with their election, can decide the future of a whole continent! They can make of Greece a great nation in Europe or they just can make Greece as a place to visit just for its ancient monuments.

Until now we know that 2000 years ago Greece was a wonderful place with incredible buildings and where democracy was born. But it is this Sunday that Greece can make history great for Greece or not.

If the Greek vote for a party that is against the conditions of the bailout then Europe will leave Greece to its own devices. Is this good? Well, I do not know. They say it would be quite hard at first but maybe later it could be good. But in any case Greece would be a place isolated from the rest of Europe. It would be just a place to visit its old ruins.

On the other hand if Greek vote to pay its debts  then the rest of the world will find that Greek people deserve some trust. They spent too much, they cheated but they are honest and they pay back.

If Greece decided not to pay back its debts it is obvious that the rest of Europe must close its borders to Greek people. So, Greece does not need to pay its debts. But the price is going to be quite lonely and remaining in Greece. As Greece is so beautiful maybe some Greek may find that is not not so bad to have the doors closed in Europe. Well I find a bit strange to want to be so isolated but it is Greek choice.

Turkey is not part of th eEuropean Union and I wonder if it will be some day as some states do not want. So, I find incredible that Greece, a country so much beloved in Europe for its past, does not take advantage of that and tries to remain inside the eurozone?

If the Greek help some day future generations may see Europe as their courtyards. On ewill have a brother living in Paris, another in Warsaw, etc. Do Greek want to spoil that dream?

Of all the structures created in the world I think the European Union is one of the best. Would Greece want to be part of China? Of Russia? Even of the US with no health care? Greece should be very proud to be part of the EU. But how could Greece be proud of the EU is it had to leave the euro?

Greece should look around it: Turkey, Egypt, Lybia, Albania, Italy, … Which of this countries wants Greece to be more related to? If Greece leaves the euro Greece will almost seem as a pariah estate.

If Greece leaves the euro then Greece won’t be important for Europe. Now the euro is the second or third more important currency of the world? Do you really want to leave the euro and also put in risk a whole continent?




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