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George Papandreou warns of ‘make or break’ moment for eurozone

Sometimes I feel sorry that the president of Spain, in contrast with George Papandreou ot the Catalan president does not speak English.
But who knows, maybe it is much better that he cannot say a word in English because if he could speak in English then international investors maybe still would be more worried. I cannot understand that he is not rising VAT and cutting civil servants wages as the IMF and Europe is asking. Why is he waiting? The premium risk is soaring so I do not understand why is he waiting! I imagine that the investors appreciate not only that Spain does the right things but that it does not wait until the last moment! It gives no credibility!
If you divide the Spanish debt per capita it means each Spaniard owes about 16000 euros. This is crazy!

And in any case if he thinks that the best is not to cut wages to civil servants then he should ask the Cataln government to increase the wages of Catalan civil servants. Why should Cataln civil servants have their wages cut and the Spanish servants not? Why? Why? Why?

I envy the Greek. At least they have people like George Papandreou. In Spain we just have a president that is leaving the homework for the late evening. And that is not good. It could be too late.


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