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the logo of syriza

the logo of syriza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If most Greek people vote for Syriza I congratulate them because this means that they are very strong people. Not only they have had to endure  the current conditions of the bailout. They are even been brave enough to want to endure to live for a decades in a country who would be a king of European Cuba: the most free and independent country of Europe but without anything left to eat or to drink except for the few tourist that dare to go there.

So if Greece choose to be a kind of Cuba of Europe we should totally respect their decision and let them live as they like while we at the same time can finally start putting order in the rest of the eurozone.

I hope Greece votes to parties that are serious so that they comply with the conditions of the bailout. But if this does not happen the rest of the eurozone must go on. We will be still 16 countries with the same currency. It is obvious that we are going to suffer a lot if Greece leaves the euro but the sooner Greece leaves the euro (or accepts the rules, I hope!) the sooner the eurozone will be able to try to recover.

It is time that the eurozone becomes a serious place. If Greece leaves is not good news but it will make that the rest are more serious because they will know they will have to leave the euro too if they not comply!

I am afraid that maybe Spain will have to leave the euro quite soon if we continue like now! Europe and IMF is telling Spain to cut wages like in Greece and to increase VAT. And Spain is not doing that. How can foreign investors buy Spanish bonds when Spain does not accept cuts and increase of revenue? How we will pay back?

I am very afraid that if Syriza wins people are going to be very furious in Greece because they will see that Greece has to leave the euro and that Spain in fact did not get a bargain from Europe! It just had a fool president who them by making them believe that Spain was receiving a bargain. I feel quite sorry for that. It is quite sad that Spanish president misleads its own citizens. But it is also quite sad when he can mislead our friends from Greece. He has acted as if Spain should not comply with any conditions. I hope one day Greece can forgive us for that. I am afraid that Greece is going to be out of the euro because a Spanish president mislead Europe. Who knows, maybe all was orchestrated! Maybe the truth is that Angela merkel wants Greece out of the euro so she wanted Spain not to have conditions for the bailout so that the Greek were angry and voted for Syriza. So that then Europe could get rid of Greece. Could this the real truth behind the foolish behaviour of Mariano Rajoy? Could it be that he has acted as the greatest clown of Europe this days just to put Greece out of the euro?


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