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Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy, the man who could be behind the victory of Syriza and the following collapse of the euro …

One of the reasons why Syriza wants to renegotiate the bailout is because the president of Spain is such a bad European politician that he showed the bailout of Spanish banks as if Europe was giving Spain a gift of free money.
Syriza says that if Spain got a good bailout then Greece should get a goodone too!
This won’t be happening if Mariano Rajoy had not acted in such a fool way. He should have said: “Spaniards. Today is a sad day for Spain but it could have been worse. Spain has needed to ask for a bailout for its banks. Fortunately the bailout is just for the banks for now but it is very necessary we continue working very hard so that we do not need a full bailout as Greece. As we still can get money from the international markets we have not needed a full bailout like unfortunately our friends from Greece needed but we will have to implement hard measures so that we do not end having a full bailout”

The president of Spain has mislead people in Greece! With his stupid way of acting some people may believe that Spain has been treated in a very special way when in fact it is just a question of days that Spain heads to a full bailout! Spain nneds to cut wages and increase VAT. If not we will end like Greece.

But Mariano Rajoy has acted as if Spain can survive without hard conditions applied! He is lying to the Spanish people! And unfortunately he has sent a wrong message to our friends in Greece!

So thanks to Mariano Rajoy irresponsible words it is possible that Syriza wins. If that happens it is obvious that Spain will be totally intervened in the following days!

So Mariano Rajoy will have harmed the European project of a single currency.

Oh my God I do not know what is worse. To be ruled harshly from the IMF and Brussels or be ruled by such an irresponsible president. Not to mention having a king that hunts an elephants and a head of judges that use to go on holidays on weekends with public money.

I do not know, but I have the feeling I would sleep better if German was the language spoken by the people who rule Spain. Quite sad to say, but it is the way I feel.


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