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Today, as Greece decides the future of the eurozone, I have decided to share with people from around the world, some pictures of some euro coins I have collected these last years.

As we are 17 countries using the same currency I imagine that the euro is known around the world but as Europe is not the center of the world maybe there are a lot of millions of people who have never seen a euro. In this post you will be able to see the coins. But in fact here you will be able to see some coins that most of the citizens of the eurozone have not seen as some of them are quite rare!

I will teel you which ones are quite typical in Barcelona and which ones are the rare ones for Barcelona. When I see rare I just don’t mean they are rare to me because I see few as they come from, for example, Finland. Some are rare just because there are not many. They are just related to some event or date.

I am going to search for the euro coins, take the pictures and put here. This may take some hours ….

0835 GMT

I begin with the following picture:


I have tried to portrait the coin as a coin found in the Mediterranean Sea in 3012 or something. People who could find the currency at that time (if no nuclear bomb has killed human race before) maybe would think it was a coin from Greece as it may seem to show some columms like the Parthenon. But in fact is a 20 cent coin with the Brandenbrug Tur. So a German coin. This is one of my favourites coins because while being German it shows too the reunification of Europe.

The following picture shows a 5 cent coin. You see there the cathedral of Santiago:


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