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Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and...

Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and territories using the Euro de facto Countries in the EU not using the Euro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a citizen of the eurozone I am very worried about the future of the euro. So I try to say that a vote for Syriza could mean the end not just of th euro but of the ideals behind the European Union. I also try to say that the president of Spain should try to bring credibility to Spain by just cutting wages to civil servants and by increasing VAT. As Europe and the IMF tell Spain. It is obvious it is not something to welcome much but if Spain does not do that then we are against the futue of the country and of Europe!

I feel obviously powerless as I cannot do anything but to writy these posts. But if I feel powerless being inside the eurozone how should the people outside the eurozne feel?

I imagine that people outside of th eurozone must be very angry with the eurozone.

People from countries without the level of wealth that some enjoy in Europe must see the eurozone as a bunch of wealthy stupid people who cannot agree between them!

It is a shame. If I was not European or a citizen of th eeurozone I would be writing awful words about some European politicians.

For one moment I tried to imagine myself living outside the eurozone and in fact outside Europe. In order not to go very far let me imagine that I just go to the beautiful country of Morocco. Let’s imagine I am living in, for example, Marrakesh. Well! I see it has something positive the eurocrisis!

If I was in Marrakesh I would think: “Well, you see, Europe is not such a wonderful place as some believe. They seem crazy people. They have a lot of wealth but they are to eager to share it so that they prefer to break their currency that to balance their wealth.”

So imagining myselg outside the eurozne I have realised that the eurocrisis can be good for people outside as it is a way to realise that each country must try to improve on its own and that Europe is not such a wonderful place as some believed.

It is incredible! I have been so worried about the euro and Spain and the eurozone that I have not realised that each day to be a European sounds worse if you leave Europe! At least a European from the eurozone!

As I am so fed up with European politicians not solving th eeurocrisis sometimes I feel that if I was not from the eurozne I would even celebrate the collapse of the euro! But as I am inside th euero and its collapse brings chaos worldwide I don’t want its collapse.

Who knows, maybe the US, Russia, China and the UK should give an ultimatum to the eurozone! Or you solve the eurocrisis once for all or we boycott eurozone products.

I think it is time that the rest of the world intervenes the eurozone! All the eurozone! The rest of countries should not allow that the eurozne puts in danger the global economy.

Until recently I just thought it was a problem of peripheral countries but now I think that Germany is also to blame! We all went t the same restaurant and we all sat on the same table. We cannot be for ages quarrelling who pays what! We should pay and that’s all!

This situation of today with Greece shows that we have done something in a wrong way! We cannot share a currency if one part can decide not to pay back and then we have a drama! This is not serious!



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