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I know it can be an exaggeration but I think that today could be one of the most important days of the third millenium on planet earth. Or at least the first most important day.

It is incredible. More than 2000 thousands years later and it is again Greece the one to decide maybe what may happen in the next 2000 thousands years ahead!

Why I say so? Let me explain!:

Imagine that Greek elections of today, JUNE 17TH 2011, bring down the euro. If this happens  then the European project can collapse. If this happens this menas that only the US remains as a strong focus of democracy. So China and Russia gain power. So in some years as the US are alone then Europe can be more in the hands of Russia and China. Democracy is in danger so it may fall. If this happens it could happen that in some decades democracy is something of the past. And if this happens it could happen that democracy does not return to the world in centuries!

I know that this is an exaggeration but I feel that the real danger of a collapse of the euro is not the euro. IT IS THE DEMOCRATIC VALUES BEHIND THE EUROPEAN UNION. A collapse of the euro would make Russia and China be more influential.

So, today I think is a turning point for the world! Look at Syria and Egypt. If the euro collapses it is obvious this cannnot be good for democracy in Syria or Egypt. The weaker Europe gets the stronger Vladimir Putin will get!

All the eyes of the world will be looking at Greece. If Greece choose not to comply with conditions and Greece leaves the euro this will mena that the ghosts return to Europe again.

This Monday can be the most important day for all people in Western Europe who have not live the WWII or the postwar.

Today the Greek choose my future.


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