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I am very tired. These last days have been full of anxiety. I had the feeling that the rest of my life was depending on the Greek election results. Now I just want to sleep. I think I am not the only one who will go to sleep tonight with a sense of certain happiness knowing that it is not only the classical Greece that deserves our admiration. I am very happy to realise that we can trust in our brothers from Greece. Today the majority of Greek have shown to the world that they honour its agreements even if this means hardship. Tonight I see Greece with other eyes. Not just as a country that cheated Europe but as a country with honest people that want to be part of the Europe that they created more than 2000 thousand years ago.

I just hope that any people from outside Europe who comes to Europe goes to visit Greece too. All this talking about Greece around the world I hope that it brings more tourism to Greece.

Needless to say that I am the first to ask the European Union to get sure that the austerity asked to Greece must have some limits. It is not possible that there are problems in Greece with medicines! A minimum common wealth is all that I ask.

So, Good Night. I congratulate all the non violent parties in Greece for their results.  12 points for Greece!


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