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One of the saddest things that can happen is to wish to be ruled from abroad. But when the ones ruling you have no credibility at all then this is the only option left.

So, yes, I want to be ruled from Europe. Say Brussels or even say Berlin. But this is the way I feel.

I cannot stand to be rools by fools.

Some days ago Spain received a rescue for its banks. The incompetent president of Spain, WHO DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH IN CONTRAST WITH GREEK POLITICIANS like SAMARAS OR PAPANDREUS, instead of telling to the Spaniars that we were in a critical position and that we would have to implement hards measures so that the partial measures did not end in a total bailout well he did the oppoite!
He showed the bailout as a victory for Spain. He even showed off of having get a bargain so that even Syriza used his words to increase number of votes!
Recently Europe and the IMF are asking to cut wages to civil servants and increase VAT. In Catalonia, our president, WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH, already cut wages to civil servants. So, in typical SPANISH CHULERIA, Rajoy has said no to the proposals coming from Europe and the IMF.

So today the risk premium of Spanish bonds has already reach 570 points!

So I have the feeling that the Spanish government is not governing in favour of Spain but against! If you add to this that the king is known worldwide for hunting elephants you can imagine how frustrated I am.

So I know that if Spain is intervened the conditions will be very hard. But what else can I want? To be ruled by a bunch of Spanish fools?

It is as if we were going to the top of a mountain. Under the rule of Angela Merkel we will have to drink litlle water and we will be very thirsty. On the other hand with Mariano Rajoy he will let us drink water as much as we want so that we are happy. But who will reach the GIPFEL? With Angela will be very hard but at least we know we must drink little water so that we have something to drink until we reach the top. With Mariano Rajoy we will be without water almost even before we start walking.

This is the sad truth. I prefer an evil foreign German stepmother that a supposedly friendly but unaccountable Spanish father. I wish of course I could have more options to choose. But I want the best for the people in Catalonia and Spain and I feel that under the rule from Madrid we are heading to a total crash. With Angela we may die too as she is too austere but at least you know what you are required! With Mariano Rajoy the only requirement is to be too a fool.


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