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Well, at last!

It is weeks that I write that the UK and Spain should act as partners! They should try to help each other!

So, today I have read very good news! In Los Cabos, Mexico, David Cameron has criticised Argentina for measures like the one which nationalized Spanish assets in Argentina! Bravo for David Cameron!

So thank you very much David Cameron to act for once as an ally and defend Spanish interests beyond European borders.

In any case I also want to mention that personally I find that Cristina from Argentina is a nice person but I am afraid she is quite wrong by not trying to be in good terms with Spain and the UK. I like very much Argentina and some of my best friends are from Argentina and they have never talked to me about the Malvinas or Falklands! We just have talked of our mutual admiration for London! Argentina should use the Falklands not as a wepon of confrontation but as an opportunity to be closer to the UK! Argentina should open its heart to people from The Falklands. Argentina should seduce them to want to become part of Argentina.


So, thanks David!


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