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Barcelona is very close to France and in fact in the FNAC of Perpinyà (Perpignan in French) you will see that the titles of the shelves are both in French and Catalan.

But I do not want to talk about that now but just an amazing thing that is currently happening to France!

If you go to the south of France by plane you will realise that there are very big mountains maybe even yet with snow: the Pyrenees. This is the border with Spain. On the other hand France also has a border with Germany, Italy, Belgium, etc and to its north there is the English channel and then England.

I find that amazing because even if Germany is the big power of Europe, France happens to be in some in a very special situation!:

In the north they have the British that do not like the euro.

In the east they have the boss of Europe, Germany.

In the south they have a country that has needed a bailout for its banks.

And it even has contact with Belgium where Brussels is.

So depending where you live in France you are close to bailout territory or the wealthy Germany or the English channel.

I find that quite interesting because it has made me realise that maybe the French are some of the peole in Europe than can better have a view of the European Union. Eurosceptism, Bailouts, German wealth and austerity are all on its borders.

I wonder how this affects French people! Are the people on the noth more euroesceptic? Are the people near Germanymore austere? Are people near Spain with more debts? Or it is just one country with a big capital and little differences?

Whatever it is I find very very amazing to have Germany in one side and Spain in another side! I think France is the only country in Europe in this strange situation.

In any case I am almost sure nobody from France reads THE.CAT. Mais bien, je ne suis pas an chat …


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