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When you mention the euro some people may just think about crisis and headaches. Well, it is true that the euro crisis can bring one to the brink of madness but at the same time it is of an enormous and compelling interest.

Some people outside the eurozone, mostly the British, seemed now to be very happy to have opted out to be out of the euro but I can assure that being inside the euro sometimes is like being inside a euro orgasm.

Look around the world. Look around the planet. Tell me any part of the world where you can find 17 countries (with more than 17 languages!) that share the same currency. Can you tell me even 10 countries who share the same currency?

The answer is clear. The only place of the world with 17 different countries who speak more 17 different languages (for example the Catalan) is the eurozone.

Why countries in South America do not share a common currency? Why countries in Africa do not share a common currency? Why countries in Asia do not share the same currency? Do you know why?

The answer is very easy: Because we in Europe were the most stupid people in the world in th e1940`s so that we have a terrible war where nazi Germany was the main atrocity character. So, Europe suffered so much that at last the Europeans realised that instead of palying killing each other as they had done during centuries they would choose a more peaceful game. So back in 1957 they decided to play to buy and to sell, to buy and to sell. So in 2001 they finally completed the game by using  a new common currency called the euro.

So, now, this game is now in trouble because people from outside want the game to end so they have began attacking the weaker players.

But the game is so successful that even the players with the worse seat, the Greek ones, chose to remain in the seat.

So, currently the eurozone is the only place in the world where 17 countries are sharing the same currency.

When some people say that the euro is a collapse I just answer: well, it is true that the euro is now in a difficult situation but at least IT IS. The Asio, the Africo or the Americo is obvious that are not in the sam etrouble of the euro because they have not even be born.

So, I accept that th eeuro is in trouble. But it is the only flower of that kind. it is a unique flower.

What it may seem a failure from outside in fact it is such a big success. Take, for example, the friction between Greece and Germany! Some may see this friction as a failure of the single currency when in fact it is just the opposite. Thanks to one of the greatest inventions of Europe, the euro, there is a steady contrast of visions between north and south of Europe. Thanks to the euro the value of austerity has reached the south while the value of solidarity can be listened to in the north. Without the euro we won’t be having this dialog. Thanks to the euro each citizen of the eurozone can see himself or herself through the eyes of other Europeans. Because in the eurozone we are looking each day at each other.

We have had two very terrible years of eurocrisis. I am very tired of this, is true. But it is true that thanks to the eurocrisis I feel Germany and France and Italy and Greece are not just countries to go on holidays but just our neighbours! Thanks to the eurocrisis we get up and we go to sleep with Franóis Hollande and Angela Merkel.

And we speak between each other! Now, when the Greek voted the rest of Europe talked to the Greek people. We know perfectly well how the Parliament of Greece looks like!

And all this is done in peace! We are not having any war in Europe. We are just a bunch of maybe a bit eccentric democracies.

In summary, I feel quite happy to be part of the eurozone. It reminds me very much a play  inside of an old European Opera House …

I am even very happy to have the British nearby … I love to listen to their criticism of the euro. It is nice to have somebody always talking about you even if it is to criticise you. It makes you feel very important.  Besides, I am in love with the language of the barn. That’s the reason why I always write in British English.


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