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These lasts weeks I think a lot about the people who lived during the 1030’s and 1940`s. I think about them because now I realise that the people at that time not only suffer a terrible war but also a terrible psychological shock.

In films normally we see extreme cases of that era and we see too the terrible life and death of soldiers and we also know about the terrible gas chambers.

But the suffering was so great for some that maybe we forget other sufferings. The sufferings of millions of people accross Europe and the world who just saw as a terrible was was devastating their states.

Never before I had thought about the ordinary people of that time.

But since we are inside this not eternal but somehow totally eternal eurocrisis I think about that people.

I wonder how many people in the world and in Europe have the same sensation that I have of being very affected by the eurocrisis in the thoughts of everyday. I am not talking about economic struggle. I am talking about fear. I am talking about psycholgical suffering.

In some way I have the feeling as if all this about the euro was in fact a war of who is stronger psychologically: the politicians of the eurozone or the people who want the collapse of the euro.

I have the feeling that we are in a psychological war.

And I am afraid that we lose this war. That we get tired of fighting back. We have been two years fighting for the euro but the markets attack and attack the euro. Why do they not attack the dollar? Is not enormous the debt of the US?

I think someone is very interested in attacking the euro so that people do not realise that in fact the US owes to much money abroad.

I have the feeling we are in a war. A war for supremacy of a currency.

Somebody outside the eurozone knows that the wek point of th eeuro is that is made of different countries. So somebody is trying to force Germany to pay for the peripheral countries. In doing that they know they create tension and this can break the euro.

In any case, the truth is that maybe the eurocrisis is having a toll on the eurozone. If we were not worried about the euro we could be more productive maybe. Or is the opposite. The eurocrisis is perfect to think over what to do?

I do not know but it is obvious that the eurocrisis requires a lot of energy. And so much uncertainty is not good for the markets but it is not either good for people.


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