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Politicians around the world are not isolated beings who had nothing to do with the rest of the world. They share the way they communicate withthe outside world.

So, as now the communication has changed so much with the existence of Internet, Facebook and Twitter it is not strange to think that our current politicians are being very much affected by the new technologies.

If people from last decades could come to our current times I think they would be quite surprised.

Before you could imagine the top politicians of Europe reading books and talking with top economists, etc. Now I just imagine them reading the Wikipedia. And what it is even worse … in a hurry …

Maybe the euro crisis is related to  the changes of how we are acting currently. Before there were the experts. They had access to their libraries. And then there was the rest of people.

Now it is as if everybody knew everything! Yields, risk premium, austerity vs growth.

Maybe one of the reasons why now the markets are so hard with Europe is because the markets are a reflection of the changes.

In some way it is as if we all were in all that is happening.

Maybe we are wasting so much time in Internet that we have forgotten to take care of other things.

It is as if internet had made us unhappy. Why?

Imagine that before you used to live in a small village in a not very wealthy country. You could blame your failure in life to the fact that you had no opportunity to be at the right place at the right time. But now with internet one can see more easily the limits one has! Because internet can make us famous much more faster than ever before. You only have to do something quite amazing and upload it and it may get a lot of visits and make you famous. Before that was very difficult depending where you were living. So internet can be very frustrated because it shows your limits very well.

So amybe now, with internet, we are more fustrated than we were before.

So maybe what we see now in Europe is that society wants to be the things made faster. So the markets are putting pressure so that Europe unites banks, etc.

It is as if we were having a problem of speeds. And that is the reason why the euro crisis is lasting so much! The markets wnat Europe to change faster and European politicians cannot go so fast.

In some way the eurocrisis is a crisis of anxiety. Behind the markets there are just people and these people do not come from other planets (I think …) So they get a lot of information from Internet so it is easy you get more nervous when you receive so much information. Because the more information you get the more feeling you get that nothing is under control.

I wonder if in the 1929 big depression maybe something similar happened! Maybe the 1930 was a time too of a very big increase of information with mass production of newspapers?

We have reached a level of madness that is totally mental! In Catalan tv, for example, they are saying the premium risk in some programs almost each ten minutes!

Maybe we are having a problem of too much information and in very short periods of time! We continue to be humans but internet is very fast and maybe the adaptation means to have crisis like the eurocrisis.

I have the feeling that currently we are too anxious! I do not remember to have been so anxious some years ago.

Maybe internet is bringing the collapse of out current world?

It is obvious that now we are next to a computer a lot of hours than before. What we use to do before? Does anyone remember? Maybe what we used to do before was good for having calm in the markets?

I know that all I say is not totally coherent. Let me think about the real estate bubble in Spain. Was this connected with internet in any way?

Well, as long as I know Spanish banks got money from foreign banks. The existence of the euro helped but maybe the use of emails also helped the banks to exchange money!

So ….. is the EMAIL the one behind the eurocrisis? Well, maybe a bit! Thanks to Intenret people who were building a house knew that anyone could see their houses in an Internet website! Maybe internet gave us the sense of more easiness in being successful! Thanks to internet everybody would know we were building flats to sell …

Another thing to take into account is the mobile phone. Maybe the existence of the mobile phone also help the real estate bubble? Well, I do not know but with the existence of the mobile one has more a sense of freedom, or being here and there.

Who knows, maybe internet, the email and the mobile cells give us a sense that everything was possible. it make us a bit eurphoric. So we spent more and risk more?

I do not know. But today I am beginning to think that maybe the eurocrisis is not just a crisis of th euro but a result of the existence of new technologies.

Maybe internet has brought to our hands such a big world of entertainment and opportunities that we feel quite unhappy to work as our parents used to. So maybe intenret and all it offers us has created a sense of frustration. We just do not want to work as our parents did.

In brief, it could be that internet has made us unhappy with our present. We have become more impatient, more anxious!

So at the end we are inside a ultra high speed train. We go very very fast but we do not know where we are going because when we look through the window we are moving too fast to see anything!


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