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I am quite upset although at the same time a bit more relaxed. It seems that finally Germany has given up so that European funds will end buying Italian and Spanish bonds. This seems to be the decision that has been taken in Los Cabos, Mexico. I am happy about this as this may mean that the eurozone can breath a bit and Spain and Italy will be able to resist the attack of the markets.

But at the same time I am quite angry! I am angry because it is not fair that Germany has to pay in the end! This is not fair!

How can it be that Germany has to accept the pressure from outisde to save the euro while Spanish preident has not even accepted to cut wages or increase VAT as asked?

I don’t want a Europe where Germany kills the rest with austerity measures but I don’t want a Europe where Germany must pay for the wrong doings of the peripheral countries.

This is not a serious Europe! In Spain not all people love to receive money from  Germany. I am fed up to see these last decades how European funds have been used to buil uselees high speed train stations in the middle of nowhere.

Germany is to the eurozone what Catalonia is to Spain! That’s one of the reasons I dislike Germany paying the fiesta!

It is a shame! Not only Catalonia had been paying during decades to Spain. Now even Germany must pay to save Spain?

One thing is clear for me. Maybe Spain has won and Germany has lost in order to save the euro. Germany has had to put again the money. But one thing is for sure. My heart and my soul is with Germany and with Angela.

So I hope Germany puts all the conditions it can. It is not possible that Germany pays the bill as usual and Spanish president even shows off of being the one to have put the pressure.

Which image are we giving to the world? The responsible Germany has to give up to the peripheral countries that spent too much?

I understand that the only solution for the survival of the eurozone was a transfer from the wealthy north to the not so wealthy south but it is not possibe this is done while in Spain we do not do what asked!

As a citizen of Catalonia I cannot understand that Spain receives a whole bailout when it does not cut wages while we in Catalonia have done that!

Spain is trying to do in Europe the same that make sin Spain. Germans be aware of that! In Catalonia we have been paying during decades more to Spain that we have received! And now Spain does not cut civil servant wages while we do! This is crazy!




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