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Lately Greece was news for bad news. A country without hope, protests in the streets and images of fire and violence.
So it is quite nice to receive now news from Greece that can bring some hope.
It seems that the Greek will have a government quite soon.
So I hope that step by step Greece can return to be a country where people can feel that things are improving.
Because sometimes the real problem is not to be in a very bad situation. The worse is not to see a change of the situation.

One thing is for sure. If the Greek are wise and they keep peace in their streets they could enjoy a lot of tourism in the near future.

Now Greece is a place to visit. Not just because of its history but because all this eurocrisis has made of Greece a must. Who is not intrigued by the real size of the aprliament or Syntagma square? Who won’t be round to say that he has been in Athens?

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