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If you have been in London you may know that most embassies are close although not all are in the same area. A lot of the embassies are in Belgravia. The Spanish embassy is in a corner Belgrave Square (in Chesham Place)  It must have been quite expensive to get that building. Nearby there is the German embassy. it seems much bigger that the Spanish embassy but the Spanish building is a historic building while the German building is. Well, look at it for youself …

Anyway, nearby you can be at Sloan Square with its expensive shops. And nearby you find Harrods! If youo have been in Harrods you maybe surprised that in fact you have been in Hans Crescent. It is the first street you find coming from Hyde Park crner once you reach Harrods.

Well, in this street you find the embassy of Ecuador! And there I think it is Julian Assange. It is amazing because the embassi must be quite small. I even think it just consists of a flat in the third floor of a building!

So, if I am not mistaken now Julian Assange is very very close to Harrods. So I imagine in Harrods can be happy.

I wonder what will happen with Julian Assange. If he can have exile in Ecuador I wonder if he will go to Quito or Guayaquil. In Catalonia we have a lot of people from Ecuador so I know a little bit of Ecuador and of the city of Guayaquil. I love some cakes made in Ecuador and that you can find in Barcelona too.

Who knows, maybe Julian ens learning Spanish and being a here in South America. Let’s see what happens!

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