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This summer the Olympic Games take place in London. With all the problems in the eurozone I feel that maybe this may cause fewer tourists from the eurozone to London.

So I have thought that maybe London could try something new to bring people from the eurozone. This would mean more money for London!

So my idea is to do something in London so that people from the eurozone feel in London like at home! And how can this be done?

Well, quite easily! A way for people in the eurozone to feel at home is to be able to pay in euros!

So maybe a way to increase revenues in London and at the same time to help to bring confidence to the euro is that you could use the euro in some establishments in the center of town!

As I imagine that some people in the UK would find that outrageous maybe they could also also boost tourism from the US by accepting also dollars.

I think it could be a unique experience. London, for just a limited time, would accept dollars and euros in some hotels, shops in the center of London. This would attract tourism!

Some years ago I went to London and I remember there were some phone cabines that accepted euros. I think London should take advantage of the euro! By accepting the use of euro during the Olympic Games they would attract potential tourists from 17 countries!

London is the biggest capital of Europe so it would not be so strange that it could do something to attract people from mainland Europe!

This would be a wonderful way not just to attract tourism for the Olympic Games but for the future too bacause London always deserves more than one sad visit!

Anyway, with the current eurocrisis and with the feeling that the Financial Times of London is against the euro I feel that not a lot of people from Europe will go to London. Because there is not much to spend and because the eurozne needs euros. But with my proposal I think that a lot of German, French, Italian, etc would be happy to go to London because they would enjoy London and at the same time they will be helping their own currency! Because it would be world news that London would accept euros for the Olympic Games. It would be a wonderful way for the eurozone to help the UK by and for the UK to help the eurozone!


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