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Sometimes when I am full of terror because of the predictions of Paul Krugman I wonder if a person who brings terror with its words should be considered a terrorist. And my conclusion is that currently he cannot be classified as a terrorist even if his words can cause a lot of terror among millions of people.

In any case one of the things that worries me a lot it is the current tendency to try to predict everthing that it is going to happen. It is as if we were in a casino and the game consists in predicting the future.

Paul Krugman would be one of these players who play to predict the future.

The difference between Paul Krugman and most of the rest of humans is that he has a Nobel status so that when a nobel prize winner we listen to it.

I wonder if it could not happen that his predictions become true just because he has helped in some way.

In any case I think that it is important to see that Paul Krugman is no just predicting the future of the euro. He is also influencing what may happen.

And sometimes you say what you may wnat to happen. Is he saying, for example, that the US may become default because of its enormous debt.

It is not written anywhere that a Nobel price winner in economy should be a honest person so there is no reason to think that what he is saying can be influenced by dubious reasons. You can be the best economist of the world but this does not mean that you do not have a hidden agenda.

Who tells me that Paul Krugman is not trying to use its prestige to bring the collapse of the euro. You can have a Nobel price and being an evil person.

In the case of Paul Krugman I just see him as a person who likes to brings terror to Europe. He reminds me the old Egypt. Astronomers at that time use their knowledge to put fear in the Egyptian people.


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