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Some years ago a lot of houses and flats were built in Spain. A lot and a lot. And most  of them near the Mediterranean Sea.

Have you heard about the Spanish bailout? Well, both are related!

Some years ago the prices of house were each day higher and higher so it was big business to build houses as they were seen as a wonderful investment.

But with Lehmann Brothers fall the credit stopped around the world so in Spain there was an end to the Spanish real estate!

But the houses and the flats are there! Spain is full of houses and flats.

And each day they are cheaper and cheaper!

But the problem we have in Spain is that we do not need so many houses for us. Besides it is not easy to get a mortgage as banks are worried not to get back the money. And as jobless people in Spain are in incredible numbers a lot of Spanish people are not in a position to buy houses.

So, currently there are a lot of very cheap houses in Spain. But without jobs and not getting mortgages easily and having so much to choose, well, the houses are there!

The Spanish banking system has needed the bailout because of these houses. They cannot seel them and if they sell some they must sell them for such a bargain.

Never in my life had it been cheaper to buy a house! Before, in the bubble era, I had never thought about buying a house because they were so cheap. So now it is the time to buy but the problem is that there is no money and the banks don’t give a mortgage so easily as before.

So ….

Now it is the best time to come to Spain lo buy a house and live here!

Some years ago I read that the German government were asking for engeneers from Spain.

I have thought that German could come to live in Spain. The houses are so cheap that it would be a bargain. The only problem is that they won’t find a jub in Spain easily but if a lot of Gemrans come they could create a kind of German community! And jobs that are now done in Germany could be done in Spain!

To do that I think you need an agreement between governments. But my idea would be to create a kind of German Island inside Spain.

Why so?

Becuase for the euro to succeed it is necessary that Germany accepts tranfering money to peripheral Europe. I find that good for peripheral Europe but not good for Germany. But if German people come to live in Spain at least Germany will be helping too German people.

And when I say Germans I say people from other countries who could afford to bring people to Spain with some kind of jobs coming from their country.

So, as I said, Spain is full of cheap houses. It could be a unique opportunity to create in Spain a kind of little Europe with people from around Europe! You only need to arrage the things in a way that this is not done in an individual way but creating the conditions: For example, a German little factory coming to Spain with all its people.

The Strait of Gibraltar (North is to the left:...

The Strait of Gibraltar (North is to the left: Spain is on the left and Morocco on the right.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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