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I am quite disturbed as I see that the IMF is asking Germany to give up so that Spanish banks receive directly money from Europe. This is VER VERY good news for Spain but I think it is NOT GOOD news for Germany as it means that if something goes wrong the debt goes to Europe (and most to Germany) and not to Spain.

It is obvious that things should be done to save the eurozone and I agree that maybe the only solution is for Germany to accept that Germany also has to give up.

But I find that quite dangerous.

I am quite angry because I see Angela Merkel as a responsible politician. Strange as it may seem I like the idea of austerity as a value at least in my personal life. On the other hand I do not like the arrogance of Spanish president. Did you know that he shows off of being the one to put pressure in Brussels?

I find quite unfair that the international community wants to force Germany to pay the bill of irresponsible countries like Spain!

I know this can be the only solution for the survival of the euro but I am very very angry that Angela Merkel has to give up while Spain does not cut civil servant wages or raises VAT.

If Germany is made to pay the bill and at the same time Spain does not cut wages to its civil servants then this means that something quite wrong is happening here. It is very weird that a country with the greatest rate of unemployment in Europe finds quite normal not to cut wages to its civil servants. In Catalalonia the government cut wages to its civil servants.

It is grotesque to see the Spanish government to showing off while it is Germany the one to pay. They should be ashamed that we need a bailout! Instead they put as a victory that we receive the bailout.

If Spain wins EURO 2012 then each player receives about 300000 euros. I find that an scandal.

If Germany ends paying the bill I am sure that in the future there will be a bigger movement in Gemrany that asks a return to the Deutsche Mark.

If I was a German citizen I would be very upset. I feel outrageous that the international community is putting its pressure on Germany and not in Spain. It is unacceptable that in Catalonia we cut wages to civil servants while in Spain they do not cut wages to civil servants.

In Spain Catalonia has been for decades giving more money to Spain than what has been received! I do not want that for Germany! One of the reasons why some people in Catalonia want independence is because they feel that Spain only wants Catalonia to pay and to pay. I am afraid that something similar could happen in the eurozone with Germany! If Germans have to pay and to pay there will be a moment that Germans will say enough is enough and they will choose to leave the euro! To oblige Germany to pay now the bill to save the euro it could mean that in the future Germany wants to leave the euro!

I feel as if the Spanish government was blackmailing Angela Merkel with the help of the IMF.

Each time I see the Spanish president smiling and with so much confidence I have the feeling he is thinking “Why should I worry? Germany will pay the bill!”

Europe should force Spain to make changes. It is crazy that Europe gives money to a country where there are so many people without job and at the same time the government does not cut expenses by cutting wages in the civil servants who have a job for life!

THE.CAT is with Angela Merkel. I find her ways much better that the ones of the Spanish government. Germany should put the things clear to countries like  Spain and the rest of the world: Germany will only pay the bill if the rest of the countries behave in a responsible way!

Spain wasted a lot of money to build high speed trains lines. We have more lines than most of the countries of the world, except France and some other. How come that Germany has to pay the bill now for a country who spend the money in a wrong way?


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