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I respect that any yayoflauta protest in Barcelona or anywhere but I don’t agree at all with occupying the German Consulate in Barcelona. I do not like the occupation of the German Consulate because I don’t have anything against Germany or Angela Merkel. If I was German I am sure I would agree with her in trying not to pay the bill as always. I think she is a great chancellor that cares about Germans not paying for the excesses of other countries. Anyway, I can be wrong and a yayoflauta can be right but I want to make quite clear that the last thing I would do would be to occupy the German consulate. It is true that German banks had no problem in giving money to Spanish banks but if Spanish cajas had not been ruled by politicians but by professionals now we may have not talking about the bailout to the Spanish banks. La Caixa was more independent from politicians and has not needed a bailout. So, because Angela Merkel does not want German tax payer to be responsible of bailout of the Spanish bankls should we occupy the German Consulate? I hope that Germany helps us with the banks but the last thing I would do is to press Germany occupying their cunsulates! With the arrogance of Rajoy and now this occupations I am sure that most German tax payers expect Angela Merkel not to accept eurobonds and thinks like that! The consulates of Syria or Iran must be delighted with the occupation of the German consulate. The country that most contributes to given warranties for the bailout funds and the answer is to occupy their consulate! No wonder Germany is Germany and we are not Germany.


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