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Imagine people from around Europe coming to Spain with its own factories, school teachers, etc.

Spain now has a lot of very cheap flats and houses. I think about 800000 houses or flats.

So, people from around Europe could live in Spain and feeling like at home. You only need to create the conditions to create communities.

So imagine people coming form Germany. They would come with their own jobs from Germany. And even from their own teachers. By doing that they would create a kind of German community. The same could be done with people from France, Italy, UK, etc.

As Spain is full of jobless people these people would come with their own jobs. Instead of working in cloudy and cold Europe they would be working in the sunny side of Europe. I am thinking about communities of about 100 people each, for example.

So, Spain could become quite an interesting place, not just for its current weather, beaches and art, but because it could become a Little Europe! A kind of Little Eurozone.

This would help selling the houses in Spain, people from Germany, etc would be able to live in Spain having their own cheap house and at the same time feeling like at home because they would come to a German community in Spain. And once in Spain, the German who wants to be with Germans all the time would be with Germans but the one who would like to know other people maybe would find a flat in a city with other people from Spain or other new communities!

If Europe is going to bailout Spain then maybe it would be a good idea that Europe feels that is helping not just Spanish people but any European living in Spain. This would help to make transfers of money between European countries more acceptable!

The German paying taxes to a bailout of Spain would be also bailing out a country with German communities!

The Mediterranean coast could be full of French, Italian, German, British etc citizens living here! The houses are so cheap! I am sure that some jobs that are made in Germany, etc, could be transferred to Spain.


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