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With so many characters and being the play played for so long I have the feeling that there is a moment we do not see what is really going on on this play.

We all know that the play is called EUROCRISIS. We also know the main characters. We see ANGELA MERKEL all the time in the play. We used to see a character called Sarkozy and now it is called Hollande. Sometimes the play has a Greek background, sometimes a Spanish background among other backgrounds. There are even cameos in the play from characters as Barack Obama himself. There is too another famale character called Lagarde.

The play has been played for so long that we may be get a bit tired.

But let summarize the play:

There is a material character called euro who should be saved. Against it ferocious unseen characters called markets want to murder him. To protect the euro you have characters like Angela Merkel and other 16 characters around. There is even a character called David Cameron who never like the euro but that now says he wants to save the euro.

The play(or musical!) is full of climax where the characters meet from time to time.

In all the meetings all characters press the character of Angela to pay and save the euro but the German charactes is very ambiguous so it says it wants to save the euro but at the same time does not offered the medecine requested.

During all the play you can see a very far background of images of WWII but it is only the spectator that seems the background. The actors are too busy playing its characters.

One of the reasons why the play receives so much attention is because the eurocrisis is showed as a fire in the middle of the stage. So, while the play goes on we see that the fire becomes bigger and bigger. So the espectator has the feeling that as the characters seem so irresponsible it may happen not only that the play ends in a tragedy but that in fact the fire leaves the stage and burns all the theatre and even the buildings around.

So in some way, the people in the theatre are fascinated and tired of the play. There are even Nobel prize winners watching the play and some even shout “it is useless to try to put off the fire. It will burn all the stage!” This makes a big contrast to the way the characters play. So the one with more water to put off the fire, Angela, does not want to put water to put off the fire. Instead she tells other characters to drink less water if htey want her to give them fire to put off the fire.

Angela Merkel painted portrait _DDC8556




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