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These lasts weeks and days we have seen as more voices ask Germany to pay the bill. There was even a time when THE.CAT supported eurobonds to be implemented right now.

But THE.CAT, after seeing some behaviours in Spain now has realised that Angela Merkel is quite right in not accepting Germany to pay the bill.

Here are two reasons why I support Angela Merkel not paying the bill:

1. The Spanish government does not cut civil servant wages or increase VAT.

The Spanish government would love Germany to issue eurobonds so that Germany would be too responsible to pay them back. But why should Germany want to be responsible of paying back when Spanish government does not cut expenses by cutting civil servants wages as Catalonia, for example, has done?

2. Spain wants Germany to become another Catalonia.

During decades Catalonia has been paying money to Madrid that has never returned back. Solidarity money. I have nothing against solidarity but I find a bit strange that in Catalonia we have to have huge cuts in health and education to give money to the rest of the state. It is OK to give solidarity money but it is absurd to give it when this means that you cannot afford to pay for your education or health!

So now Spain has not enough with Catalan money. Now it needs also German money. So if Angela Merkel accepted eurobonds this would mean that both Germany and Catalonia would be throwing money to parts of Spain which are out of their control.

Today a president of one part of Spain has mentioned Catalonia and Germany. He has said that Germany has been known to be one of the parts of Europe who is now known for its lack of solidarity (Germany always paying most of European funds and now this is the way it is thanked!) Now he says that Catalonia with the fiscal pact wants to be like Germany: without solidarity!

So as in Catalonia we do not have sovereignty and Germany still has sovereignty I beg the Germans not to give up and not issue eurobonds if they cannot control what happens in Europe. In Catalonia we have been paying during decades and decades for the poorer parts of Spain and the only thing we always get contempt! So Angela Merkel is very right in not wanting to pay the bill.


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