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Today, June 28th 2012, Italy or Germany will win something or lose something. For Italy we have Mario Monti and for Germany we have Angela Merkel.

Ops …

I have realised that neither Monti nor Merkel are football players.

Ok, let’s write two parts. One related to the one game and another related to the other game.

Let’s begin with the game played in Warsaw.


Well, it is quite difficult for me to answer. I know people in both countries and I like both countries … As Catalan and Castilian are Latin languages like the Italian language maybe THE.CAT should be in favour of Italy. On the other hand if Italy wins then Spain should play against Italy. And as Catalan, Castilian and Italian are Latin languages maybe it is not so exciting?

A final between Germany and Spain has the advantage that it can look as a fight between Angela Merkel austerity and the South of Europe ask for eurobonds. It is a game between two contrasted parts of the eurozone! On the other hand a final between Italy and Spain does not seem so exciting as Italy and Spain do not represent opposite parts of the eurozone. But at the same time if Spain plays against italy, even if the match can not be so exciting, it also means that Germany has lost. So Italy against Spain would be maybe not so exciting but a confirmation that Germany cannot the winner in  football.

So, as I love Germany and Italy and as I have reasons to wish that both win I just hope that the best wins … Or should I wish the opposite so that it is better for Spain ..?

Anyway, football is football and I envy those who see in football the representation of a whole country. Would it not be wonderful that by winning the Euro2012 the country who wins has less debts?

Well, let’s go now to the other game this time taking place today and tomorrow in Brussels. Here we have a lot of players but the ones that seem more rigid in their views are player Mario Monti and player Angela Merkel.

Mario Monti wants Germany to save Italy and Angela Merkel does not want to save any country if she cannot control what is going on in each country.

Mario Monti has the advantage of been supported by almost all the rest of the eurozone (I say almost) and by the EU and even by the IMF and Obama. Angela Merkel is almost alone. She is the one with the big wallet and the rest want her to open the wallet.

So, what will happen? Will a majority force Angela to open her wallet?

I think not because Angela Wallet, in contrast to other politicians, is a responsible one, and she knows that the money in her wallet, is not hers but from the German tax payer!

How lucky the Germans are! I wish I had a politician who take care of my taxes as Angela does.

Some may say that if Angela does not open the wallet then the eurozone will break apart. Well, I am sure that Angela Merkel does not want that but if the price for a single currency is for Germany to pay the bill I think Angela is right in not opening the bill.

Germany should show solidarity to the poorest countries in the planet where people are really in nned. But to open the wallet to the rest of Europe is not solidarity. It is robbery.

So to end, in Poland I do not know who I want to win but in Brussels I want to win Angela Merkel. If Mario Monti wins then Germany will collapse sooner or later.  The same way that has happened to Catalonia after decades and decades of opening the wallet to the rest of Spain. Now most Catalonians want independence. If Angela Merkel accepts to pay the bill I am sure that the next party to rule Germany would be a party that would put Germany out of the euro.

If we want the eurozone to succeed it is necessary that each part can work properly on its own. Angela, do not give up! Your measures are hard, but in the end if the rest of Europe follows them we will have a very strong Europe. If you give up we will have a Europe similar to current Spain: parts that need always cash from other parts and that are always calling them lacking solidarity while other parts fed up of so much solidarity. In Spain solidarity has not solved anything. Now Spain has needed a bailout for its banks. What makes a state progress is acting responsibly around.

If Spain had suffered a terrible earthquake or tsunami I would be the first to ask Angela Merkel to open her wallet. But I do not want to ask for her wallet so that civil servants in Spain do not need their wages to be cut while in Catalonia the civil servants have had their wages cut for months!

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