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Today and tomorrow Angela Merkel meets other European politicians. As we all know she is almost alone. Most of the eurozone and the whole world wants Germany to pay the bill and Angela Merkel does not want to.

I live in one of those states that wants Germany to pay the bill but as I know a bit this state and also Germany I agree with Angela Merkel not paying the bill!

There is much talk about solidarity but I find the Germany paying the bill is not solidarity but blackmailing the German tax payer.

If we in Spain or other countries were dying of hunger I would be the first to ask solidarity to my friends in Germany.

But how can we ask solidarity  to Germany when:

– Spain will give 300000 euros to each football player if Spain wins.

– Spain does not cut civil servants wages even if IMFand Europe ask for that for months and even Catalonia has done that!

– One of the banks needing bailout in Spain is offering to pay 1 euro for receipt while other banks do not offer that.

– Spain has a high speed system that is much longer that the German one! Why should Germany show solidarity to such a wealthy state? Because if it has spent so much in high speed must be a wealthy country. And if this is not the case then this means that this country wastes the money so whythe German tax payer should show solidarity?

It is obvious that some kind of solidarity must exist between different parts of a  continent, state, city, etc.

But I wonder why should Catalonia show a lot of solidarity to the rest of Spain or Germany to the rest of the eurozone while people around the world are dying of hunger and do not receive solidarity?

So today eurozone members will try to convince Germany to pay the bill. In other words that German tax payer is responsible too of the expenses that may come from the rest of the eurozone. WHY SHOULD GERMANY ACCEPT THAT?


I do not know but in my case, I prefer that Germany puts a lot of euros in helping the third word than my country!

The problem in Europe is that a lot of people have seen Europe as a way of living like the Germans but only for the good things. So, we are enchanted to behave like Germans and go on holidays, eat well, have good hospitals, etc but we are not able to behave like Germans to be able to generate revenue like them. So we want to live like Germans but as this is not possible we want Germans to pay the bill.

I understand perfectly well that Germany is fed up of paying and paying because the same is happening in Catalonia with respect to Spain.

Catalonia gives a lot of money to Spain and what we get from Spain is less that what we give. But now with the crisis, in Catalonia we even have to cut wages to our civil servants while Spain still has not done so!

What kind of Europe do we want? A Europe where the south is subsidised by the north? I DO NOT WANT THAT!

I prefer to live in a poorer country, with less wealth, but with the dignity that comes from knowing that I can look at the eyes of my German friends and say: I DON’T OWE YOU NOTHING!

So I support Angela Merkel because I want to walk on my own feet! Angela Merkel is making a favour to Europe by rejecting to pay the bill! Angela Merkel wants that each state in the eurozone is able to pay its own bill! And for that she is insulted and portryed as the evil.

If Spain has problems in selling its debts what must do is to cut and to cut expenses so that it can live on its own. In this way it will have credibility. Unfortunately the solution that Spanish politicians have found for Spain to run is to ROB the Catalan and German tax payer. And they call that SOLIDARITY …




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