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June 28th 2012 will be remembered as the day when the European Union started its definitive decline.

Some will blame Germany and others will blame Spain and Italy.

As I am writing these Spain and Italy are blocking an agreement between the EU members. They want a solution to their dramatic debt problem.

I am very worried as I see that all my dreams of a united Europe are coming to pieces day by day.

I wonder if in Berlin they realise too that this is not only the end of the European dream but too of the German dream.

Thanks to the current politicians Europe has come to its end. Future generations of Europeans will just be just labour for China.

In the following weeks we will see how German newspapers begin to write in a bad way about Spain and other peripheral countries. In Spain we will see how step by step the wonderful Germany will become the horrible Germany.

Tonight we are seeing that Europe is not united. The south is asking the backing of the north and the north does not want to pay the bill.

Strange as it may seem, although I am writing from the south of Europe I understand Angela Merkel. But I also realise that she is not seeing that there is something more important than austerity and each one paying its bill: a Europe that is a land of peace.

Now Spain and Italy are blocking an agreement. I do not know if to be proud of  Monti and Rajoy or be ashamed of them (or at least of Rajoy)

If I had been the one to decide things I had done the following: I had told the Spanish population that we were at a terrible situation. The markets were not giving us money so that in order to have money we had to ask money from Europe. And that Europe wanted to control us for that. So I would have told the Spaniards that we had two options: to surrender totally to the IMF and Brussels and accept the money they could lend us. Or … to cut wages, expenses, etc in such a dramatic way that we could try to survive even if foreign investors did not buy us bonds.

My option would have been quite extreme: to stop buying petrol and only buy the one that we could afford. To cut wages. To give free food so that everybody had something to eat. I had acted as if we were in war time. I would have acted as if we were living in a very exceptional way. By doing that the whole planet would have realised that we are able to make sacrifices and I am sure that foreign investors would have started to buy bonds again.

But I am afraid that the current Spanish governments wants all: it wants the fiesta to continue (not cut wages!) while at the same time Germany is responsible to pay the bill of the fiesta.

In catalonia we had being paying the Spanish fiesta for decades so I find quite right that Germany does not want to end like Catalonia.

In any case I also feel as if the current politicians were afraid to talk to its citizens and explain the things!

I have the feeling that Angela Merkel wants Spain to reduce the wages of civil servants. But it cannot say publicly. So in private it tells Mariano Rajoy. But he does not do that. So, why should Germany be accountable of Spanish debts when Mariano Rajoy does not cut wages as told. Why should Germany pay the bill when Spain only wants the money but not to the homework.

It is as if you want to buy a house and you go to the bank and ask for a mortgage of 100000 euros. The bank should know that price of what you want to buy! You cannot ask for the mortgage and not tell the price you want to pay.

So I feel I understand Angela Merkel. But I also find that Germany is making a mistake. The typical German mistake. No need to tell which one. All the world knows it.

Anyway, I am going to sleep. But I am going to sleep with the idea of looking tomorrow on Intenret which possibilities do I have to live outside Europe. I am sure a lot of Europeans we will have to emigrate in the next years.

Congratulations to Russia, China and the US: Europe has died tonight.


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