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At first when I heard that Italy and Spain were blocking an agreement inside the EU tonight I felt quite excited and almost happy! Wow! To be a part of a state that has the guts to go against Germany, I thought! I imagine that some British may feel in a similar way when David Cameron voetoes some European agreement even if this means more isolation for the UK.

So at first I felt like proud of Italy and Spain not acting as slaves of Angela Merkel.

But then, I say to me … let’s think over it? What is going on here?

And then I realise that in fact I am with Angela Merkel and that what Mariano Rajoy is doing is almost blackmail!

In Catalonia, in the name of solidarity, we have been sending a lot of money to the rest of Spain for decades. There is nothing wrong about solidarity but it is a bit difficult to have huge cuts in health and education in Catalonia when you know that at the same time you are giving your money away.

So now I have the feeling that Spain not only wants Catalonia to pay the fiesta but also Germany! Spain wants money from Europe without conditions! That’s unacceptable.

I know very well the waste of money in Spain in acting like the new rich and having kilometers and kilometers high speed trains. More than in Germany. How on earth should Germany be responsible for the money lent to Spain when Spain does not increase VAT or cuts wages to civil servants. In Catalonia the Catalan government cut civil servant wages.

So, in some way I feel ashamed that Spain is blocking an agreement in Brussels. If Spain wants help from Europe the first that has to do is to help itself! (cut wages, increase VAT!)

So bravo for Angela Merkel. You are totally right to put conditions to Spain if you are lending money to Spain. As I am fed up of Catalonia paying the fiesta I do not want Germany to be a victim of Spain too.

Who knows, maybe Mariano Rajoy wants Germany to pay the bill because it knows that if Germany pays the bill then in Catalonia we will have to pay the bill. Because politicians in madrid will tell to Catalonia: how you dare not to pay to Spain as usual when even Germany is paying Spanish bill!

So Angela Merkel must be careful. Spain may try German to show solidarity in order to oblige Catalnia to show solidarity too. Without any conditions.


The day that Spain cuts wages to its civil servants or increases VAT then I would be the first to ask Angela to show solidarity.  Meanwhile I feel ashamed that Spain is asking for money without accepting conditions for that! This is not a way to bring credibility to Spain!


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