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These last decades Germany has been a source of stability and prosperity in Europe. I just remember what I used to eat 20 years ago and now and I imagine that it has something to do with Germany. Now we are in a crisis but in Catalonia and Spain the living standards have increased enormously and one of the countries behind this prosperity is Germany. We are so used to that that when Germany doubts about continuing being a source of stability the whole world gets nervous.

Some hours ago Germany decided to accept direct capitalisation of banks. I think this is a good solution if we want the eurozone to survive. Nonetheless I agree totally with Angela Merkel in putting hard conditions. In fact I would love to see the Spanish banks surrounded by German inspectors. it would make me feel more relaxed as I have more confidence in Angela Merkel than in Mariano Rajoy.

So I hope Angela Merkel continues to putting a lot of conditions in Germany helping other economies. I think that the eurozone needs obviously Germany but I also feel that Germany must put hard conditions. It can be received in a bad way in other European capitals but in the long run I think that for Europe it is good that Germany austerity becomes a European value.

I would be very happy if Germany was able to bring an end to the wast of money in Spain to high speed trains that go nowhere.

So, to homage Germany I leave here one of my favourite music. Only for this TANNHAUSER of RICHARD WAGNER, Germany should be always one of my most loved lands. A country that has musicians that create such music only deserve my total admiration. LOVE TO MY GERMAN FRIENDS!


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